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A Commitment to Reducing, Re-Using, & Amusing...

I know you care about our beautiful planet--me too. That's why I'm committed to choosing materials that can be upcycled or are made in an environmentally friendly manner. I choose to work with secondhand clothing, organic or sustainably produced fabrics, vintage materials, fiberfill made from recycled materials, and organic cotton stuffing because they have less impact on our earth.  I also try to find ways to make creative use of nearly every scrap I have--scraps become patchwork designs, a sweater cuff becomes a hat, buttons from a suit coat become eyes...Each plushie is thoughtfully designed to be as kind to the earth as possible. I even choose packaging that is made from recycled materials and/or is bio-degradable.

My very first plushies were made from thrifted, secondhand sweaters. Today I still acquire most of my upcycled materials through thrifting and donationsI've been reducing, re-using and Amusing for over 15 years and remain committed to choosing earth-friendly materials.

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